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The Branding Iceberg: Why Strategy + Visuals Are Both Important

As with many things in life, what people see on the surface is usually just a fraction of what lies beneath. This sentiment is also true in branding.

The Brand Iceberg by The Brand Brew

A Brand Is Just Like An Iceberg

A towering iceberg is majestic and awe-inspiring. While impressive, the iceberg we see is only about 20% of its true size. The remaining 80% is submerged beneath the water and hidden from view, absorbing the cold and maintaining the iceberg’s structure.

Brands are the same - they can be split into areas we can and can’t see. And just like an iceberg, the hidden portion does the bulk of the heavy lifting. A common downfall many business owners face is focusing only on the visuals - the visible tip of the (branding) iceberg.

Focusing on just the tip by building only the "above-the-surface” elements is a misstep. While it’s true that logos carry a lot of weight for a brand and are seen as the “face” of the company, developing visual assets without any depth or meaning behind them leads to chaotic content and confused customers. The hidden portion of the iceberg gives it its strength and allows the visible portion to be SO striking.

People Think A Brand Is Only What They See

As a business owner, you must look beyond the surface and identify what your brand truly represents, its offering, purpose and personality.

Remember that just because certain branding elements are invisible to consumers doesn’t mean they’re unimportant. In fact, just as a foundation is essential to a house's structural integrity, those invisible elements are crucial to your brand strategy and overall business success.

The “Visible” elements of the Brand Identity:

  • Logo

  • Name

  • Colour Palette

  • Typography

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Print Design

  • Marketing

When we explored the definition of a brand vs. brand strategy, we suggested that you ask yourself three big questions:

  1. How do people feel when interacting with my business?

  2. What do people think about my business?

  3. What do people say about my business?

The answers to these questions help you to build the base of your branding (iceberg), the mass beneath the water line. And just like you wouldn’t begin building a house with a roof, establishing a solid brand strategy is an essential first step before creating a brand identity. The strategy informs the identity; therefore, the strategy must come first.

Build A Monumental Branding Iceberg To WOW Your Customers

The strength and cohesiveness of a brand strategy and identity doesn’t go unnoticed. Your audience may not have the words to describe it, but they know when they see or feel it. By defining the invisible elements of your branding iceberg, you create a mental shortcut for your customers between what they’re looking for and the right choice to satisfy that need (that’s you).

We want your customers to take one look at your business and be utterly convinced that you are the only industry expert they need to hire. The most influential brands combine all these elements to form a strong bond with their audience. Without it, your brand (iceberg) will likely melt away in the hot marketplace.


Here at The Brand Brew™, we’re your experts in brand identity and brand strategy in Waterdown, ON. We build brands from the bottom up. We ensure that you are armed with all the fundamental invisible elements before we build anything visible.

Our Brand Development Experience reveals the hidden depths of your business so you are crystal-clear on what you offer and how to stand out best. If you need help bringing those hidden elements to the surface, learn how to build a better-brewed brand by booking a discovery call today.


Ready to start brewing?

Let's discuss how to brew your brand and steep your digital success.

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