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Deliver a brand-centred, immersive customer experience online.

Village Dental Hygiene website and branding developed by The Brand Brew, in Waterdown, ON

Digital Credibility

Website Design

Lacking an online presence, or ashamed of the one you’ve got? Problem solved.


Give your dream clients the experience they deserve with an intentional visitor strategy optimized for all devices. Say goodbye to low-quality visuals, hard-to-find forms, uninspired narratives, and slow loading times - and say hello to intentional page design and content that converts to build credibility with your target audience.


Strengthen your brand, showcase your products and services, and blog your way to industry leadership all while generating traffic and seeing your rankings soar. 

 Free2Be Wellness' coming soon website developed by The Brand Brew, in Waterdown, ON

What's included in the Digital Credibility Website Experience

User Experience Strategy

With your brand objectives and usability in mind, we maximize credibility with our carefully calculated layout, storytelling, and engagement to guide your visitors, turning browsers into buyers!

Coming Soon Landing Page

No online presence or embarrassed by your existing one? No problem! A brand-aligned landing page will help grow your audience and generate excitement and anticipation for the big reveal -- your new website!⁠

SEO Keyword Strategy

Often a complicated code to crack, your revamped website includes a comprehensive SEO plan and keyword strategy to increase its visibility when users search for terms related to your business. Plus! Add a blog to build your brand further and improve SEO.


With a careful balance of telling and selling, your website’s written content will become your closer. Our skillful search-optimized, customer-focused, benefit-led copy that converts will soon have you selling in your sleep!

Photography + Video

Engaging visual content is a must-have in the era of short attention spans. Compliment your website design with stunning, brand-aligned visuals and motion graphics that lock in your viewers and drive a connection with your audience. 

Custom Designed Website

Your business deserves better than generic, prefabricated templates.

Your new website will be brand-aligned, combining a tailored user experience, search-optimized story and powerful visuals - all uniquely yours!

User-Friendly Platform

Whichever Content Management System (CMS) is utilized - Wix, Shopify or WordPress - your team is well-equipped with tools to manage your website, so there’s no learning curve to slow you down.

Mobile Optimization

All of your visitors have a smooth browsing experience when we develop the layout of your website to suit smaller screens. Leave the same impact on every visitor, no matter the device used. Plus, Google loves responsive sites too!

Google Integrations

Fast track your organic and local SEO success with a Google Business Profile, the implementation of Google Analytics to understand user behaviours and interactions and the connection of Google Search Console to monitor your website's performance. 

Accessibility Standards

Everyone deserves the opportunity to interact with your website, regardless of their ability. Show you value inclusion and diversity while complying with the highest global standards (WCAG 2.0).

Mailbox Setup 
with Google Workspace

Build customer trust with a professional email at your domain, such as

Not to mention the design and setup of a branded email signature.

Website Walk-Thru

Feel empowered to make after-launch updates to your website with this step-by-step live chat or video guide to the platform’s dashboard and editor.

Small Business,
Big Presence:
Turn Browsers
Into Buyers

It’s a fast-paced world. Don’t risk being left behind. A responsive, SEO-driven website and effective digital storefront show that you’re professional, credible, and ready to provide solutions.


Don’t allow a poor website user experience to get in the way of valuable connections. Guide your customers seamlessly through your sales funnel with a brand-centred, immersive customer experience that makes a mark across all platforms and turns browsers into buyers. 


Build trust with your audience through high-quality, consistent messaging and be the brand that they’re eager to choose. Compel visitors to take action through strategic design and articulate your unique value proposition with carefully curated content. No more generic styling and clunky copy - use your website as a platform to show your clients why you’re the right choice. 

Xpressed Nails e-commerce website developed by The Brand Brew, in Waterdown, ON

Digital Storefront

E-commerce Website Design

Once a nice-to-have, today’s businesses have realized that e-commerce is now a must-have. 


Don’t stress! You too can confidently sell your products and services with our e-commerce solutions ranging from complete online stores and paid online memberships to simple payment forms and recurring subscriptions. Plus, they’re all easy to manage with a minimal learning curve.

Our website e-commerce solution will dive into your process and help you translate your real-world sales funnel into a streamlined digital experience that will engage and effectively convert browsers into buyers.​ With a fully configured e-commerce platform, you’ll be well-situated to sell your products and services online.


Embrace the potential and grow your business beyond what you once thought possible!

What's included in the Digital Storefront Website Experience

Setup an Online Store, Service Scheduler or Ordering System

Give customers 24/7 access to your store and efficiently run your business from a powerful e-commerce platform - anywhere, anytime.

Collect Payments and Recurring Transactions 

Get a secure shopping cart and a plethora of payment processing options to sell your products, services, subscriptions, and gift cards.

Automated Email Campaigns

Generate qualified leads with a branded email template to send product promotions and special offers to your contacts. Your emails will be automatically triggered, saving you valuable time.

Customer Loyalty + Engagement

Engage your audience and attract repeat visitors to your site. Sending newsletters, creating a blog, interacting via live chat, or implementing a loyalty program are just a few of the engagement possibilities!

Lead Generation

Turn browsers into buyers! Customizable forms collect contact details for future marketing endeavours and provide valuable feedback for your store and products.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Recover abandoned shopping carts by sending branded automated emails that offer related products and encourage shoppers to complete their purchases.

Coupon Creation

Attract customers to your store by offering coupons. We can target your shoppers with promo codes for free shipping, discounted prices and percentages, and 1+1 sales.

Store Analytics

Monitor your store's performance and review your sales success with an integrated analytics dashboard and professional reports.

24/7 Owner’s App

Manage your business from anywhere. Add new products, fulfill orders, track inventory, receive sales notifications, offer coupons, and more — on the go, at any time.

Aspid RDZ ecommerce website developed by The Brand Brew, in Waterdown ON

Ready to start brewing?

There is no better time to taste the sweet success of a strategic brand. 

Let’s book a call to see if we’ve got all the ingredients for a purposeful partnership.

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