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7 Truths About SEO

For many, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feels almost mythical. If you've heard the term tossed around, you’re likely wondering what the heck is SEO. At its core, SEO is a valuable technique for placing your website at the top of a search engine’s results page and attracting organic traffic—and, therefore, buyers—to your website.

In fact, the #1 result on Google receives 27.6% of all clicks.

Even once you’ve grasped SEO and its value, it can be difficult to feel entirely confident. SEO best practices are subject to change according to search engines’ algorithm updates, and results from SEO strategies take some time to appear. 


As a result, many business owners only have a vague understanding of SEO, leading to common misconceptions. We’re here to lift the fog and dispel the doubt so that you can successfully navigate the SEO world.

1. SEO Should be Tailored to Your Target Audience

While uninterested visitors to your website may boost traffic, they won’t help you achieve your business goals. You want to attract qualified leads. This means that your website copy should be benefit-led and written to satisfy two distinct goals: to appeal to your target audience and entice them to buy and to improve your SEO rankings to generate qualified leads. 

Ensure that your copywriting effectively reaches your SEO goals by leveraging the right keywords to attract not just any traffic but the right traffic.

2. SEO is Not a Sprint

The SEO timeline is more of a marathon than a sprint. Changes you make to your SEO strategy won’t produce results immediately, but that’s not to say they’re not valuable. It’s important to understand that it’s best to think in terms of months rather than days for an effective SEO strategy.

3. SEO Strategy Doesn’t Stop

While an SEO strategy is a marathon, it differs in that there’s no finish line. In that sense, it’s more like an exercise routine; action produces results, but continued attention is required to prevent those gains from slipping away. 

Essentially, don’t allow yourself to slip into a sedentary SEO lifestyle. Understand that even once you’ve achieved a high ranking, you must continue to prioritize SEO to maintain those results. Your competition doesn’t snooze because when you snooze, you lose!

4. SEO Plugins Aren’t Everything

An SEO plugin is an extremely helpful tool, but it’s just that – a tool. Installing an SEO plugin does not automatically optimize your website for search engines; it simply enables you to improve your overall SEO strategy. 

While you absolutely should use an SEO plugin, you shouldn’t stop there. Remember, an SEO strategy doesn’t stop!

5. SEO Isn’t Cheating the System

SEO is a discipline in your digital marketing toolkit that aims to help your business succeed. It’s not a way of fooling search engines but rather navigating them with expertise to get your business in front of eager customers.

SEO is not about cheating the system – it is the system.

6. SEO Doesn’t Involve Hacks

Since SEO is not a means to cheat the system, it doesn’t involve hacks. There are no quick tips for SEO - it’s a long game, remember? Only thoughtful and informed strategies need apply. 

By practicing SEO basics skillfully and consistently, your efforts will increase organic traffic to your website. Including methods like incorporating a blog or harnessing the power of local SEO strategies can further strengthen your SEO goals and, therefore, your business.

7. SEO is a Part of a Bigger Picture

Although valuable, SEO isn’t a magical technique to skyrocket your business to stardom. Instead, it’s one cog in a larger machine, with all parts working harmoniously to produce the desired result. 

While you shouldn’t overlook the power of SEO, it also shouldn’t come at the expense of other essential aspects of your business. Ensure that the core of your business – that is, your products and services – as well as your branding, USP, and more are also optimized for greatness.

Kickstart a Winning SEO Strategy Through Auditing

If you’re interested in jumping on the SEO train but are unsure where to start, consider conducting a website audit. This will give you an accurate portrait of your website’s current standing and, in doing so, highlight exactly what needs to be done to improve your SEO game (among other benefits).

The Brand Brew™ has you covered for all your website auditing needs. Contact us today and take the first step toward transforming your website’s SEO to improve your rankings and place your business in front of a slew of interested buyers.


Ready to start brewing?

Let's discuss how to brew your brand and steep your digital success.

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