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Is Your Brand Suffering from the Frankenstein Effect?

The Frankenstein Effect

When Dr. Frankenstein sets out to create a monster, he never imagines it will go rogue. Unfortunately, many businesses in the real world feel the same way about their branding.

In this context, The Frankenstein Effect refers to a branding experience that is pieced together from a range of sources. This results in redundant and fragile messaging that often creates more problems than it solves.

Solutions that were implemented with the best of intentions ultimately become nothing more than patchwork band-aid solutions. They act as short-term fixes to long-term problems.

Without a solid and cohesive plan, this approach to branding runs the risk of wasting both time and money on marketing and advertising efforts that will never truly reach your target demographic or make the impact you want your business to have.

The good news is that there are things you can do to counteract The Frankenstein Effect and get your branding back on track. So, how exactly do you beat the beast?

1. Take a Step Back and Plan

Part of the reason your brand is in this state is due to a lack of long-term strategic planning. So, before you implement any more attempts to turn things around, take a step back and define a consistent, strategic plan.

Consider your goals and keep those at the forefront of your decision-making. You want to ensure that your brand is clear, vibrant, and consistent every step of the way and across all aspects of your marketing landscape.

Once you determine the higher-level aspects of what you need to do, you can develop a more detailed plan that focuses on how you’ll get there. Prioritize the steps you’ll take and ensure that each choice works toward the goals of your business and is in line with where you want to be in the long term.

2. Turn to an Expert

Although it may seem doable on the surface, the truth is that strategic branding and all that comes with it is intricate and complex. If you’ve found yourself in a Frankenstein situation, you’ve likely discovered this the hard way.

Keep all of your social media, content strategy, website design and development, and graphic design needs in the hands of a professional. These are long-lasting elements of your business that directly influence your image and credibility with your audience, and they shouldn’t be handled lightly.

It’s highly recommended to outsource these aspects to one single highly experienced, fully inclusive branding studio.

Why? With one firm, your brand messaging and collateral remain consistent, which gives you the ability to grow and reach new customers. Inconsistency and disconnect in your brand are big contributors to The Frankenstein Effect, and by outsourcing to a range of different professionals, you run the risk of falling into the same scary situation all over again.

3. Check-in Regularly

Once you’ve revamped your branding and gotten things back on track, be sure to continually implement alignment checks to ensure that things are running smoothly.

These audits act to ensure that your ideas and efforts are supporting your goals rather than detracting from them.

Strategic planning, intentional outsourcing, and continual reviewing will go a long way when it comes to reversing The Frankenstein Effect and preventing it from ever rearing its ugly head again.

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