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Prioritize Your Online Presence with the Help of these Government Grants

The internet isn’t going anywhere, and any business that neglects its online presence is doing itself a disservice.

Your clients are going online to research their options and make purchases, and you want to be there when they do. Your clients know the importance of a web presence, your competitors understand its gravity and even the government is well aware of how crucial an online presence is to the success of a business.

How do we know? Because they’re offering two powerful grants targeted toward businesses looking to build or strengthen their web presence.

Ecommerce Website by The Brand Brew Inc.

1. Digital Transformation Grant

This is a grant focusing on helping brick-and-mortar small businesses to redesign or improve their existing website, develop a new website, and implement digital marketing initiatives.

Provided by the Province of Ontario and administered by the Ontario BIA Association, the Digital Transformation Grant is designed to help businesses with 1-50 employees with their adoption of technologies through a grant of $2,500.

The funds received through this grant can be used for things like:

  • Developing a website from scratch

  • Redesigning or improving an existing website

  • Hiring external professionals to review and optimize your web presence

  • Developing and implementing an SEO strategy

  • Creating content strategy

  • Implementing digital marketing

The best part is, all of this falls directly under The Brand Brew’s expertise! It all starts with crafting an effective and authentic web presence - take a look at our Digital Credibility Experience to get the ball rolling.

The deadline for applications for this grant was originally in the fall of 2022, but it has been extended until September 2023 or until funding runs out.

If you have received a similar grant in the past (prior to June 20, 2021), you can apply again as long as funding remains available.

For more information on the Digital Transformation Grant, take a look at their Program Guidelines and FAQs or visit their website to apply now.

2. Canada Digital Adoption Program: Grow Your Business Online Grant

This $2,400 grant is designed to help small- and medium-sized enterprises to adopt e-commerce capabilities and remain competitive.

Offered by the federal government, the Grow Your Business Online grant is available to businesses across all Canadian provinces looking to adopt digital technologies. This grant has no fixed application timeline, however, there is a limit on the number of grants provided.

Funds from this grant can be utilized for:

  • Implementing or upgrading website e-commerce capabilities

  • Developing a new e-commerce website

  • Online reservations or bookings

  • Purchasing e-commerce software (new plugins or features)

  • Search engine optimization (related to e-commerce)

  • Digital marketing initiative (related to e-commerce)

Need a more concrete example? The Brand Brew offers a Digital Storefront Experience which would be the perfect choice to put this grant money into action and develop e-commerce solutions for your business.

While e-commerce typically revolves around digital storefronts and selling products online, but service-based businesses can benefit from this grant as well.

Some ways that service-based businesses are using this grant include:

  • Accepting online payments for services, deposits, consultations, etc.

  • Accepting online payments for subscriptions

  • Selling access to VIP/members-only areas

Visit the Federal Government website to apply now.

Things to Keep in Mind

If your business meets the criteria for both grants, you’re eligible to apply for both. Combining these grants would provide you with $4,900 to invest in your website design, e-commerce, online presence, and digital marketing initiatives.

The main requirements for both grants include:

  • The business must have a brick-and-mortar location (no home-based businesses) and pay commercial property tax

  • The business must have at least one full-time employee (outside of the business owner) and less than 50 staff members

  • OR (for the Grow Your Business Online grant only) have at least $30,000 in annual revenue in the most recent tax year

How can you be sure that you qualify? Check the criteria on each individual grant’s website, or contact The Brand Brew for any questions regarding your eligibility.


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