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8 Factors That Influence a Website Cost

When you invest in services for your business, like website development, you'll likely come across the iron triangle principle: good, fast, and cheap—choose two. In simpler terms, you can't have all three.

For instance, completing a high-quality website quickly is likely expensive. In contrast, a quality website requiring less monetary investment will take longer to complete. Similarly, with a low-cost website with a quick turnaround, you will likely have to compromise on quality. It's up to you which elements to prioritize.

Just remember—you get what you pay for!

There are all sorts of factors to consider when determining website costs. While it's important to ensure that your website fits into your budget, it's just as important to understand the value you're receiving – or omitting – for the cost.

How much does a website cost

When business owners set out to have a website developed, one of the most commonly asked questions we hear is, "How much is this going to cost?" And trust us, we get it. However, it's essential to understand that that's a loaded question, and the answer isn't always so straightforward.

Here are eight factors contributing to website costs so you can balance your priorities and make the right choice for your business.

Factor that influences website cost - size & complexity

1. Size & Complexity

When perusing the web as you've surely noticed, websites come in all shapes and sizes. Websites are like cities. A metropolis accommodating millions of residents will have comprehensive amenities, public systems, advanced urban planning, and so on. However, a small town of a few thousand people will be much simpler and far less expensive to plan, build, and maintain.

Essentially, the more robust and complex the website, the higher the investment. A bustling city is not inherently better than a quaint rural town, and vice versa – it all depends on your needs and business goals.

Specific add-ons, such as incorporating e-commerce capabilities or adding a blog, can increase a website's cost. While the costs increase, the value does, too—take a look at how a blog can strengthen your brand and your SEO strategy.

Factor that influences website cost - platform

2. Platform

Every website requires a platform. Different platforms offer different things — for instance, Shopify is a well-established choice for e-commerce businesses, while WordPress or Wix offers advanced customizability and integrated SEO capabilities.

The platform you choose is the website's foundation and sets the stage for its potential. If you're feeling unsure, we've got you covered: here's how to choose the right website platform for your business.

Factor that influences website cost - apps & integrations

3. Apps & Integrations

Often third-party features and tools are added to enhance a websites' design and functionality. For instance, if you run an e-commerce business, you might integrate a loyalty app to incentivize and reward customers for shopping with you. 

Integrations vary in complexity, and some apps come with additional costs. Because of this, the apps and integrations you choose to incorporate into your site are another factor to consider regarding a website's overall investment.

Factor that influences website cost - seo strategy

4. SEO Strategy

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: a website is only as strong as its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. 

A comprehensive SEO keyword strategy increases the cost of a website, yes, but only because it increases its value. The SEO strategy funnels interested buyers toward your business—and at the end of the day, what's the point of a stellar website if nobody's there to see it?

Remember, SEO and copywriting go hand in hand. Writing website copy that appeals to readers and search engines alike takes skill and planning!

Factor that influences website cost - content creation

5. Content Creation

Of course, a website needs content! Copywriting, photography, and videography are all worthwhile assets. Professionals with more advanced skill sets charge more for their services, thus increasing website costs.

At The Brand Brew, we value content strategy as the foundation of a strong website. That's why we're a one-stop shop; with us as a single point of contact, our clients can access all the high-quality content they need without juggling a slew of suppliers!

Some businesses write their own website copy, while others enlist the pros. If you decide to do it yourself, remember that your website copy isn't about you; it's but your customers!

Factor that influences website cost - design

6. Design

A website's design is either custom-built or utilizes a template or theme. A custom build is unique to your business and designed with your needs in mind, contributing more effectively to your overall strategy. 

While templates and themes can be purchased for a minimal fee, a custom-built site is far more intensive and a more significant investment. However, when you choose a skilled service provider to craft a custom website, the return on that investment can be substantial.

Factor that influences website cost - hosting

7. Hosting

Websites must be hosted on a server to appear online. Certain website platforms, like Wix and Shopify, include built-in hosting plans, while others, like WordPress or custom coded sites, can utilize a self-hosted server setup.

Web hosting varies in cost, and with that, it varies in quality (remember - you get what you pay for!). Hosting options on the cheaper end of the spectrum may be appealing, but they come with their own compromises, potentially impacting your website's security, loading speed, or scalability potential.

Factor that influences website cost - service provider

8. Service Provider

Website development can be like the Wild West. With freelancers and studios competing in the same arena, website costs can vary greatly—and so can the quality of the work produced. Both agencies and freelancers can deliver a truly excellent product, and both can leave you wanting more. 

Ultimately, you want to find a provider whose skills, experience, qualifications, and price point match your needs, but that can be a tall order. Be sure to thoroughly research service providers by carefully reviewing testimonials, portfolios and offerings to truly understand the value they provide.

Discover Your Website Cost Today!

At The Brand Brew, we offer a Website Design Experience with a comprehensive SEO strategy, expert copywriting, and engaging visual content for a tailored user experience —to name a few value adds. 

Our mission is to create a cohesive and convertible digital headquarters for your brand, enhancing your online credibility to help you turn browsers into buyers.

Interested in learning more? Book a call today and take the first step toward the website you've been waiting for.


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