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Frahm Interiors Trelawn Project

Frahm Interiors

Full Identity Experience

FRAHM Interiors is an award-winning interior design firm specializing in new builds, full-scale renovations, kitchens and baths. They have been successfully transforming homes throughout the GTHA since 1998. Their diverse portfolio demonstrates a variety of design styles custom-tailored to clients' individual needs.

The Challenge

  • Develop a multi-layered strategy, deeply interwoven with symbolism in order to connect with its audience on a deeper level

  • Reposition the brand to target a higher-end luxury client

  • Keep the identity versatile and functional

The Strategy

When Frahm Interiors, reached out to us they were looking to refresh the identity of their interior design firm, in hopes that minor refinements would make the logomark speak to the 20-year evolution of their brand. We presented some good options, but it became increasingly evident that they were ready for a brand strategy overhaul. With this realization, we launched into a full identity re-brand.

We were captivated by the brand's customer-focused energy. Words like experience, space, planning, luxury and of course design, communicated the core truths of Frahm Interiors’ offerings.

The Result

The identity design direction has a clean and uncluttered feel; reinforcing the emphasis on integrity, experience and luxury.  The strategy centred around exploring form and function with respect to 2D/3D shapes and their relationship with the brand’s strengths of customized space planning. From exterior dwellings to interior rooms, squares are everywhere. We looked at the square’s shape psychology, which depicts trust, stability, honesty and security; all fundamentals of the brand's mission. 

Frahm Interiors identity strategy developed by The Brand Brew Inc
Frahm Interiors identity strategy developed by The Brand Brew Inc
Frahm Interiors identity strategy developed by The Brand Brew Inc
Frahm Interiors identity strategy developed by The Brand Brew Inc

The wordmark takes centre stage and is indicative of clean, straight edges with a level of sophistication. The modified “A” letterform was created as a nod to diversity; connecting the brand with the ideal client (homeowners and contractors) as well as opening up the appeal to architects; the brand’s untapped market. The monogram was achieved by configuring the brand initials “F” and “I” to create a 2D floor plan. The submark is the merriment of the centre-aligned wordmark with a slightly varied take on space planning from a more 3D perspective. The use of the hexagon cube shape as the secondary icon depicts efficiency, and flexibility and translates the ‘less is more’ philosophy. The typography is predominately straight-edged, strong and linear, imparting notions of strength, professionalism and efficiency -- all characteristics of the Frahm Interiors’ ethos. To add flexibility, the contemporary sans serif was paired with a freehand script, used to inject life, personality, and friendliness. We envisioned it would be applied to pull out design direction and notations, similarly seen in architectural sketches.

Frahm Interiors website showcase on ipad, iphone, and macbook
Frahm Interiors Business Card
Frahm Interiors identity strategy developed by The Brand Brew Inc
Frahm Interiors Note pad mockup

What I really needed was a fresh start. Jessica had the integrity to help me see, what she already knew. She was absolutely right. Once I let go and allowed Jessica to do her thing, she blew me away.

The Takeaway

With Frahm Interiors' brand strategy in place, each touchpoint rolls out with purpose and consistency. They now feel confident that their brand resonates with their target market and propels growth for the next 20 years.

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