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Full Brand Launch Showcase

The CLARKEsTEA Inc. mission is to make healthy life choices convenient. They offer 100% organic, vegan and sustainable biodegradable tea sachets filled with just one simple ingredient - veggies. 

The Challenge

  • Create a movement that empowers

  • Encapsulate the business philosophies

  • Keep the design versatile and functional 

  • Create an appeal to secure this untapped tea category 

The Strategy

When CLARKEsTEA, reached out to us they wanted a tailored brand identity, spearheading a movement that brings together real-lived experiences to empower time-strapped young working professionals into developing healthier lives with the wellness benefits of organic veggie + herbal teas. We were immediately captivated by the concept of ‘drinking your greens’ and the brand's simple single-ingredient teas. Words like unique, transparent, influential, and wellness communicated the core truths of CLARKEsTEA’s products.

We developed the ‘Tea Is My Therapy,’ strategy which centred around a unique consumer; the on-the-go young professional, who demand simplicity, and convenience and are driven to put wellness first in order to live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Transparency, influence and movement, the triangle and CLARKE’S Tea together inspire improvement, focus and represent action.

Triangles suggest excitement and growth. The use of this shape spoke to the progressive approach to developing high-quality organic veggie teas that provide effective and result-oriented solutions to health and wellness. Circles were included to portray a community or tribe, projecting positivi-tea in a comforting and united energy. 

Typography was a big part of the design style and was used to reinforce the emphasis on credibility and trustworthiness. By pairing a modern serif display typeface with a clean, light slab serif, we inject high contrast and elegance; demanding personality and openness to the identity. 
The proposed photography style was real true-to-life imagery, primarily large close-up crops on product ingredients to create texture, contrasted with brightly lit lifestyle shots that reflect a sense of community and the health benefits of the product line. The overall brand direction has a luxurious + wellness benefit-driven purpose. 


Clarkestea Moodboard

The Result

The identity design focused on the brand's direction of producing high-quality organic teas with a wellness benefit-driven purpose. The largely cool hues of the palette complement the warmth of copper imparting a luxurious essence. The monochromatic greens show that the brand is associated with quality and sophistication, epitomizing regeneration, and adding a zest of life while the copper induces a calming effect that is sincere and authentic. 

ClarkesTea identity strategy developed by The Brand Brew Inc
ClarkesTea identity strategy developed by The Brand Brew Inc
ClarkesTea identity strategy developed by The Brand Brew Inc

The monogram was created by combining foliage to represent the ‘C’ brand initial and a (+) icon that is synonymous with wellness. The wellness (+) icon, is also meant to represent a lowercase ‘t’; for TEA the second initial/word in the brand name. The leaf icon at the top of the ‘C’, pointing downward or inward, symbolizes each of the organically grown ingredients that go into the development of the veggie teas. The center placement of the (+) denotes CLARKEsTEA is more than just an organic tea brand but rather has unique wellness benefits built into its very core. The wavy crossbar of the letter ‘A’ in ‘TEA’ depicts the feelings of tranquillity that are associated with water; a large component of the (tea) drink itself. 

Clarkestea website showcase on ipad, iphone and macbook
CLARKEsTEA brand pattern
CLARKEsTEA card mockup

The Brand Brew's attitude and innovative design solutions were aligned with our brand messaging. Jessica impressed us very much with her excellent project management, organization skills, creativity, spirit, and personal integrity. 

CLARKEsTEA ecommerce website showcase
ClarkesTea identity strategy developed by The Brand Brew Inc
CLARKEsTEA tin packaging
CLARKEsTEA ecomerce website showcase

The Takeaway

With CLARKEsTEA's brand strategy in place, each touchpoint rolls out with purpose and consistency. CLARKEsTEA secures a transparent and influential foundation in the marketplace, reinforcing the importance of the veggie tea movement. As a result in 2022, CLARKEsTEA became an Award Winning Tea at the World Tea Conference + Expo.

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