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Kelly Cooper Homes

Full ReBrand Launch Showcase

Kelly Cooper Homes is a powerhouse real estate firm in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

The Challenge

  • Develop a multi-layered strategy, deeply interwoven with symbolism in order to connect with its audience on a deeper level

  • Keep the identity versatile and functional

  • Tailor the appeal to garner access, support and build a fierce tribe to foster a like-minded community of engaged individuals

The Strategy

When Kelly Cooper, of Kelly Cooper Homes, reached out to us, she recognized the need for a professional image to grow her realtor business. We were immediately captivated by the brand's driven, turn-key energy. Words like trust, integrity, friendliness and security, communicated the core truths of KCH’s home-finding services.

The Result

The identity is indicative of clean, straight edges and has a level of sophistication. The client’s KC initials take centre stage, rightfully so in this monogram design.

The strategy was rooted in the lifestyle of the picturesque landscapes of Chattanooga. It was centred around the psychology associated with how colour influences our behaviour and decision-making. 
Specifically, the cool colour palette plays a pivotal role, by connecting the identity with the KCH’s ideal client. Navy blue inspires feelings of calm by reducing tension and fear. It is synonymous with trust, integrity and responsibility; all characteristics of Kelly’s personal brand. 
The coolness of blue is paired with Kelly green to add a bright, dramatic punch. Psychologically, green relates to the balance and harmony of the mind, the body and emotions. It assists in decision making by helping us to see all sides clearly. A natural fit when buying the biggest investment of one’s life!
The inclusion of grey was the brand’s modern neutral. Grey is a nod back to the Scenic City’s landscape through slate, stone and foothills of the Appalachian mountains. it is perceived as sleek, mature, authoritative. 
Balancing out your colour story is white; the ‘colour’ of new beginnings, drawing parallels with the fundamentals of real estate and the act of moving (homes) after an extended time. White also offers a sense of peace and calm, comfort and hope. It helps alleviate emotional upsets, by creating a sense of order and efficiency - a great help if you need to declutter life. All of these traits are deeply rooted in Kelly’s own expertise and woven into your brand’s personal philosophy and services. The overall style direction has a fresh and modern feel; reinforcing the emphasis on credibility and trustworthiness.

Moodboard_Rendering_KCH_Template copy.jpg
Kelly Cooper Homes brand identity developed by The Brand Brew
Kelly Cooper Homes brand identity developed by The Brand Brew

As colours play a pivotal role in the development of a brand’s identity, so does the use of shapes. The ‘C’ partly in circling the ‘K,’ suggests warmth, friendliness, all-inclusiveness, endlessness, security, and completeness. The straight lines of the ‘K’ are synonymous with logic, certain, trustworthiness - all characteristics of Kelly’s personal values. 

Kelly Cooper Homes brand identity developed by The Brand Brew
Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 4.13.38 AM.png
Kelly Cooper Homes brand identity developed by The Brand Brew
Kelly Cooper Homes brand identity developed by The Brand Brew
Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 4.16.30 AM.png

I’m in LOVE with my new branding. You knocked it out of the park.

 — Kelly Cooper, Kelly Cooper Homes

Kelly Cooper Homes brand identity developed by The Brand Brew

The Takeaway

With Kelly Cooper Homes' brand strategy in place, each touchpoint rolls out with purpose and consistency. They now feel confident that their brand resonates with their market and secures a strong foundation in the marketplace.

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