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Bella Casa Properties

Bella Casa Properties

Full Identity Experience

Bella Casa Properties was founded as a pathway for Ancaster-based realtor, Carrie Van Dixhoorn to refresh her identity with a more emotionally engaging brand image, achieving notoriety among her ideal luxury listing clientele and setting herself on a trajectory for future growth.

The Challenge

  • Develop a client-focused aspirational brand 

  • Keep the design versatile and functional

  • Create a pathway that will garner shareholders' flexibility to market themselves independently with the support of Bella Casa Properties' solid branding

The Strategy

When Bella Casa Properties Inc., reached out to us about their real estate brokerage, we were immediately captivated by the brand's bold energy. Words like trust, honesty, integrity, and tenacity, communicated the core truths of BCP’s home matchmaking services.

We developed the ‘We're Here to Find YOUR Home,’ strategy to centre around the brand’s reputation of delivering exceptional, personalized service. Bella Casa Properties exists to improve people’s lives by helping them make important and life-changing decisions about where they 'hang their hats and call home. Moreover, the brand offers guidance and support before and after the real estate transaction, presenting Bella Casa Properties as a valued expert and mentor to trust for honesty, tenacity and integrity.

We drew inspiration from luxury fashion brands, the typography is elegant, graceful, and timeless. The typography merges traditional cues such as bold serif typefaces and extending ligatures used to signify Bella Casa Properties' luxurious aesthetic, imparting notions of friendly femininity. Moreover, the serifs are based on vintage letterforms from the '60s and '70s, contrasting, clean lines and curved terminals to give a sleek, polished look. Whereas the combination of a meticulously crafted modern monogram and the contemporary sans serif presented elicits trust and dependability.

The photography style was inspired by the notion of “home” and “relationships,” from what makes memories to the human-centric aspects, the joyfulness of family and domestic life. This strategy is supported by a personal and approachable tone of voice. The use of enlarged quotation marks references the idea of a ‘dialogue’ and the clear, concise communication that is synonymous with Bella Casa Properties' brand. Collectively the visual messaging creates engaging, cheeky and confident anecdotes, such as, 'The only thing to worry about is where to put the sofa!' 


The overall style direction places an emphasis on a complementary palette and curved shapes that reinforce meticulous luxury with a contemporary vibe. At Bella Casa Properties, when it comes to YOUR HOME, it's ALWAYS PERSONAL.

Bella Casa Properties Moodboard

The Result

The identity focused on representing Bella Casa Properties' luxurious essence with an underlying boost of trust, encouraging consistency and dependability, with predominantly blue hues and hints of cognac.

The incorporated monogram of the ‘B’ in circling the ‘C,’ in the wordmark suggests warmth, friendliness, and completeness that links back to the mission, 'when it comes to your home, it's always personal'. Moreover, the arched motifs pay homage to the curved doorways of Spanish architecture that are often seen as welcoming, transitional and providing choice. The bold yet simplistic graphical use of this shape parallels Bella Casa Properties’ approachable and personalized brand ethos.

Bella Casa Properties Brand Style Guide
Bella Casa Properties Business Card
Bella Casa Properties Agent Sales Sign
Bella Casa Properties Print

The Takeaway

With Bella Casa Properties' brand strategy in place, each touchpoint rolls out with purpose and consistency. They now feel confident that their brand resonates with their market and secures a strong foundation in the marketplace.

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