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Think Ingredients

Full Brand Launch Showcase

Think Ingredients helps food product developers reduce the time they spend on formulations by offering the latest ingredients and knowing exactly how to use them. And their customers can deliver what consumers demand - ingredient labels they understand.

The Challenge

  • Encapsulate the business philosophies

  • Keep the design versatile and functional

  • Create a broader appeal to secure untapped global markets

The Strategy

When Think Ingredients Inc., reached out to us about their food formulations business, we were immediately captivated by the brand's innovative energy. Words like smart, efficient, lean, proactive and of course think communicated the core truths of Think Ingredient’s combination of result-oriented offerings.

We developed the Think Differently strategy which challenged the norms, demanding change through innovation but not at the expense of the brand’s mission of producing ingredients that are clean, proactive, sustainable, and efficient. It was rooted in a culture that fosters ideation, individuality and the novel pairing of science and food.

The brand palette was modern and refreshingly unexpected, in comparison to what was traditionally seen in the food ingredients industry. The colours were a harmonious blend of a split-complementary pairing of blues, oranges and purple with hints of grey and gleaming white. This dynamic, yet professional colour story has a pivotal role, by connecting the identity with their ideal market; the open-minded, knowledge-seeking, young female R&D professional and the middle-aged male manufacturer owner.

Leadership, powerful, and brimming with strong edges, the triangle and Think Ingredients together inspired improvement, focus and represent action. Triangles suggest excitement and growth. The use of this shape spoke to the progressive approach to developing functional ingredients that provide effective and result-oriented solutions. Triangles have energy because they are pushing in a certain direction. 

The overall style direction has a contemporary, urban meets barn feel. The emphasis is placed on cool tones and clean lines to convey a smart and bold aesthetic.


The Result

The identity explores the relationship between innovation and action with the use of rectangles and triangles. The colour palette reinforces the emphasis on originality and power, while its creative and determined quality inspires the confident brand.


The triangles are associated with innovation, freedom, and success -- all characteristics of the brand's mission. Collectively the elements, create a mark that represents, new ideas and innovative ways of approaching food formulations in a minimalistic way. The triangle at the base of the N, pointing upward signifies a strong foundation and what the marketplace and the client, get out of the food formulations created, global + personal sustainability. The triangle at the top of the N, pointing downward and the K pointing inward, symbolizes what goes INTO the food formulations; the better + more nutritional ingredients.

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You very clearly articulate the vision, the process and what was needed from us - this means quick turnaround time and very little back and forth. I highly recommend working with The Brand Brew!

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The Takeaway

With Think Ingredients' brand strategy in place, each touchpoint rolls out with purpose and consistency. They now feel confident that their brand resonates with their target demographic, effectively communicates and provides them with a broader appeal to secure global untapped markets.


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