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Constellation Financial Software

Full Re-Brand Showcase

Constellation Financial Software provides specialized leasing, loan and asset management software solutions that fuel business growth by helping customers streamline operations, increase efficiencies and reduce costs.


The Challenge

  • Leverage the pre-existing authority in the financial equipment leasing industry

  • Create a versatile and functional design

  • Encapsulate the business philosophies

  • Create a broader appeal to secure untapped global markets

The Strategy

The Constellation Financial Software (CFS) rebrand strategy was built upon the established identities of the parent company, Constellation Software Inc. and its operating entity, Perseus Group. We wanted to capitalize on the existing market authority with an identity that depicted smart and streamlined software solutions. CFS offers a simplified process, seamless execution and is backed by superior support. The approachable and friendly quality empowers business operations as a highly flexible financial leasing solution for the entire asset lifecycle. 

The strategy took cues from the parent company’ brand colours in conjunction with proven shape theory and distinct refinements to typography to present a modern, tech-driven, yet friendly mandate for the Constellation Financial Software brand. 

The most profound advancements were reflected in typography, as it fundamentally builds a brand's personality. We invigorated the tired, out-of-date display typeface, replacing it with a modern sans serif.


This rebrand imparted notions of strength, professionalism and efficiency with the straight-edged, strong and linear lines. The result was a re-energized wordmark that is clean, simple, with a tech-driven character that exudes professionalism.

Moodboard_Rendering_AllBrands_Template copy.png

The Result

The identity brings together the design element of negative space with the ideation of efficiency. We developed the relationship between the iconic four-pointed CFS star and the brand mandate of flexibility with the use of rectangles and triangles to form an abstract hexagon shape. 


The hexagon as the letter ‘o’ in the wordmark, ‘Constellation’ expresses strength, movement and growth. The points (triangles) facing forward and backwards, up and down, speak to the progressive approaches to developing flexible financial solutions for the entire asset lifecycle. The complementing blues reinforce the emphasis associated with dependability and stability, linking to formality, while conveying confidence, power and authority. The pop of yellow grabs attention and stimulates the mind, demonstrating the CFS brand as a bold, successful and confident financial software company. The middle of the hexagon forms the CFS star in the negative space. Highlighted in yellow, it denotes friendliness and is associated with innovation, intellect and super-charged energy -- all characteristics of the brand's mission. 

CFS_Glass-Door-Logo-Mockup_1 copy.jpg
CFS_Bottle_Mockup_1 copy.jpg

The Takeaway

With Constellation Financial Software's brand strategy in place, each touchpoint rolls out with purpose and consistency. CFS's perception in the marketplace is now aligned with its reputation of being a creditable fintech leader.


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