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Full Brand Launch Showcase

Formerly Silverbirch Woodworks, now Silverbirch Inc. o/a Silverbirch builds bespoke millwork, tailored to distinctive lifestyles. All of their products are produced right here at home in Caledonia, ON, giving them ultimate control over every process and mastery of the finished product.

The Challenge

  • Create an aspirational brand that is more client-focused

  • Encapsulate the business philosophies

  • Keep the design versatile and functional

The Strategy

When Silverbirch Woodworks reached out to us they had recently undergone some restructuring and wanted to launch with a tailored rebrand (Silverbirch Inc.), to secure their dream clients and make a profound mark within the cabinetry industry. We were immediately captivated by their brand's luxurious products. Words like reliable, strong, precise and sophisticated communicated the core truths of Silverbirch’s tailor-made offerings.

The strategy aimed to reposition Silverbirch as an aspirational brand that was more client-focused, connected with aesthetically-minded people who appreciate design, superior craftsmanship and value quality custom-made products. 

Epitomizing sophistication with a strong presence of negative space, the brand strived to create an experience that merged beauty and function. High-end and distinctive, yet down-to-earth and approachable, Silverbirch believed dream living spaces were conceived in the imagination and brought to life by great design. 

The overall style direction reinforced the emphasis on luxury, experience and integrity with a sleek and pristine feel. The distinct refinements to the palette with proven shape theory and in conjunction with bold typography presented a stylish, modern and luxury-driven direction for the Silverbirch rebrand. 


The Result

The predominantly cool palette with a classic base of black and white carried a sophisticated vibe, amplified by the mixing in of champagne, setting an understated elegance that depicted Silverbirch as a genuine, dependable and authentic brand.


The structured “S” monogram is framed with rectangles and triangles inspired by improvement, focus and excellence. The arrows pointing upward and downward speak to Silverbirch’s superior end-to-end service experience and the overall square shape depicts the progressive space solutions made possible through custom design. The tooled monogram creates a mark that radiates a high-end and distinctive style and does wonders for connecting the strong and bold aesthetic of the wordmark. The modified letterforms with notches and angles were forged to pay homage to the solid wood material used to create the custom products. The ‘Designed with Intention, Built with Purpose,’ narrative personified the goal of delivering pride through transformation and became what is now the company’s mandate. 


We are so impressed with the level of skill and insight brought to the table. Jessica took her time to listen, understand, and deliver outstanding results. Rebranding can be a big undertaking, but you made it seamless while keeping the project moving to meet our new launch target.

SB_Catalogue_Mockup copy.png

The Takeaway

With Silverbirch's refined brand strategy in place, each touchpoint rolls out with purpose and consistency. Silverbirch's perception in the marketplace is now aligned with the superior craftsmanship they produce.


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