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Pink Moon Energy - Sherry Braine

Pink Moon Energy

Full Brand Launch Showcase

A personal trainer for energy and spiritual health, Pink Moon Energy is dedicated to guiding others. Using ancient healing arts and a variety of modalities, putting one in touch with energetic frequencies and spiritual resources.

The Challenge

  • Show the brand's unique expertise by bringing a multi-dimensional and disciplinary energy work to a female target audience

  • Develop a multi-layered strategy, deeply interwoven with symbolism in order to connect with its audience on a deeper, spiritual level

  • Keep the design versatile and functional

The Strategy

When Pink Moon Energy owner Sherry Braine, reached out to us about her spiritual self-care business, we were immediately captivated by her brand's magical energy. Words like ethereal, nurturing, soulful and vibey communicated the core truths of Pink Moon's one-of-kind offerings.

We developed the ‘Mystic Moon' strategy which was represented through the Neo-Pagan expanded Triple Goddess deity of Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone. It corresponded with the cycles of the moon and each phase of life. Pink Moon Energy facilitates and balances personal core light, achieving spiritual wellness for the brand’s target market of hairstylists, aestheticians, beauty consultants, educators and healthcare workers.

The brand incorporates a multi-dimensional combination of spiritual symbolism, using the healing colour of crystals and sacred geometry to create a personal connection with its audience that is deeply rooted, vibey and soulful.

The overall style direction places an emphasis on warm reds and pinks, circles and crescents to convey a passionate, vibrant and joyful female-centred aesthetic. Symbolism and colour intertwine to represent Pink Moon Energy's innate personality, mission, core values and ultimately develop distinct recognition.

Pink Moon Energy Moodboard

The Result

The identity design focuses on curves to convey a nurturing and passionate female-centric aesthetic while sending positive emotional messages of harmony, protection and united energy. 

Pink Moon Energy identity strategy developed by The Brand Brew Inc
Pink Moon Energy identity strategy developed by The Brand Brew Inc
Pink Moon Energy identity strategy developed by The Brand Brew Inc

The ligatured serif typeface was used for its mystical allure, while the handwritten script has an effortless vibe, denoting friendliness and inclusion. The crescent shape, reminiscent of a crown, arching over the ​word 'Pink', symbolizes the​ brand's​ core women demographic of the​ Queen, as part of the Neo-Pagan expanded Triple Goddess deity. The star (+) within the letter “O” in the word ‘Moon,’ connects with the ideology of embracing one’s light and the mystic’s archetype of focusing energy on fulfillment and maintaining zen-like inner peace. Brought together, the shapes parallel the likeness of Venus embodying femininity in its purest form. The brand mark combines feminine power and light, personified by the idyllic ‘Grandmother’ Moon. The round orb’s waxing and waning extend throughout the concept to strategically parallel one's own energy, expanding and contracting to accommodate the ever-changing challenges, and act as a guiding light through life’s cycles. 

Pink Moon Energy Sherry Braine
Pink Moon Energy Sherry Braine
Pink Moon Energy Podcast

...The level of professionalism throughout the entire process was affirming for the high level of expertise and delivery. The Brand Brew’s unique combination of creativity, technical skills and customer service is unparalleled.

Pink Moon Energy Business Card
Pink Moon Energy Sherry Braine
Pink Moon Energy Website Showcase on iphone, ipad and mac book
Pink Moon Energy
Pink Moon Energy website mockup
Pink Moon Energy website mockup
Pink Moon Energy Sherry Braine holding a moon light

The Takeaway

With Pink Moon Energy's brand strategy in place, each touchpoint rolls out with purpose and consistency. Pink Moon Energy secures a strong and confident foundation in the marketplace. 

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