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Keep Your Cool Storage

Full Brand Launch Showcase

Keep Your Cool Ltd. o/a Keep Your Cool Storage was created to fill a gap for businesses in the foodservice and event industry who need portable cold and dry storage. They set themselves apart by offering cold storage containers with a safer, more reliable design. KYC is committed to making storage needs legendary! 

The Challenge

  • Keep the design versatile and functional

  • Develop a unique/personable character to be the face of the brand

The Strategy

When Keep Your Cool Ltd., reached out to us about their aim to develop a stress-free rental storage business, we were immediately captivated by the brand's motivated energy. Words like hardworking, flexible, optimistic, helpful and of course ‘cool’ communicated the core truths of Keep Your Cool's legendary offerings.

We developed the ‘Keep Your Cool,’ strategy keeping in mind today’s economic situation, where people are living in smaller spaces with more stuff and with more businesses operating remotely, self-storage solutions have become a need for almost everyone.

The brand strategy challenges mobile cold storage industry norms and demands change through innovation but not at the expense of the brand’s mission; to epitomize customer satisfaction with a strong presence of flexibility, creating a stress-free experience, that keeps the mercury from rising.


High-quality and distinctive, yet down-to-earth and approachable, Keep Your Cool’s brand objective is to provide an easy, safe and secure rental process that is pragmatic and organized as it is relaxed and fun. We aimed to create a strong, unique icon that will be utilized throughout the brand identity. The philosophy behind the ‘cool’ character persona was to associate a strong spokesperson, to act as the brand ambassador, evolving with the company in diverse ways. 

Moodboard_Rendering_KYC_Template copy.jpg

The Result

The versatile colours communicated a uber-cool energy that resonates with being organized and having more space. Uplifting, enthusiastic and illuminating, yellow radiates as the colour of sunshine, taking on a larger more fun-loving presence. Yet, the hue is balanced by the cool blue and the sophistication of black that together exude confidence, power and authority.

The identity centers around KYC’s chill character, rightly so, for the mascot design. The Elusive Yeti, a curious cryptid, symbolized individuality. No one can impose expectations, the creature and the Keep your Cool brand as both natural nonconformists. As a powerful symbol, the Yeti aided in the process of self-discovery and encouraged the KYC brand to stand tall and proud while being its authentic self. The idea of strength is illustrated by the purposeful structure of the brand’s name in the chiselled (ice) blocked lettering. The sans serif typography injects the wordmark with a high contrast pairing of bold and light weights. The young-at-heart Yeti, is a hairy half-man, projecting wisdom and intelligence with a friendly demeanour. Standing at a towering, 7’ feet, 2” tall, the gentle giant epitomizes cool, (figuratively and literally) with his snow-capped mountain of hair, cold climate eyewear and laissez-faire attitude. A little longer in the tooth, this rockin’ dude’s larger-than-life personality is nothing short of legendary. 

KYC_Pickup Truck Mockup PSD_1B copy.png
KYC_Social Media_Showcase copy.jpg
KYC_BC_Mockup_32pt copy_edited.png

We are beyond thrilled with our experience ...Thank you for your guidance to ensure our business brand is on point! 

KYC_OutdoorSticker_P1 copy.png
KYC_WebsiteShowcase copy.jpg
KeepYourCool-105 copy.jpg
KYC_gildan g18500 front_1B copy.png
KC04062021_SubmarkLogo copy.png

The Takeaway

With Keep Your Cool's brand strategy in place, each touchpoint rolls out with purpose and consistency. Keep Your Cool secures a strong and confident foundation in the marketplace. 


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