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HomeShare Alliance

Full Brand Launch Showcase

HomeShare Alliance is a part of a cultural shift in the real estate and housing markets, where sharing your home is becoming an attractive alternative to selling your home. They are committed to growing into a strong geographically diverse network of trusted HomeShare advisors who provide personalized, turnkey solutions to active and independent older adults, single parents, seniors, and the budget-conscious - anyone who would benefit from sharing their home.

The Challenge

  • Differentiate from the non-profit sector

  • Raise awareness that shared living can provide a great lifestyle

  • Create a broader appeal to secure untapped markets

The Strategy

When HomeShare Alliance, reached out to us, they recognized the need to create a consistent brand that could be easily identifiable and appeal to the untapped Canadian homesharing market. We were immediately captivated by the brand's unique mission. Words like lifestyle, independence, social, community and networking communicated the core essence of the HomeShare Alliance brand.

We developed the ‘Living The Lifestyle,’ strategy centred around the people, HomeShare Alliance’s ideal clients -- boomers, empty nesters, and young professionals. We explored the mutually beneficial lifestyle that a successful shared-living arrangement can provide. Whether the ideal audience is looking to cast out loneliness, achieve financial security or want a reliable social network; it would all be possible with HomeShare Alliance.

Typography was a big part of the design style, to reinforce the emphasis on credibility and trustworthiness. We suggested pairing a sleek, 1970s-inspired sans-serif display typeface with a clean, light square/slab serif, to inject life, personality, and friendliness to the identity. 

In this largely untapped market, we crafted tailored language like; 'Happiness shared' and buzzwords like; 'rethink', 'reignite', 'reinvest', 'refuel', 'recharge' and 'reconnect' to help educate and illustrate the personality behind the home share match-making culture. 

These action words evolved into taglines, like 'Rethink' Shared Living, ‘Reignite’ the Conversation, ‘Reinvest’ in the Future, ‘Refuel' and 'Recharge' the mind/spirit and ‘Reconnect’ with a Community. We implemented these powerful narratives, as mini-mission statements to further develop the culture of the HomeShare Alliance brand. 


The Result

The identity was indicative of clean, straight edges and had a friendly appeal. The stylized “Re” ligature with the extended “R” descender supports the letter “e,” drawing parallels to the HomeShare Alliance services of search, find, vet and support. 


The “e” was highlighted to represent that a shared living arrangement is for everyone, at any stage in life. The “Re” becomes a prevalent icon, extending into the tagline, "Rethink Shared Living" and the basis of messaging for the brand’s mini-mission statements. We wanted to speak to the audience regardless of their situation, you can, 'Reignite the passions', 'Reinvest in the future', 'Rediscover freedom, 'Reconnect with a community' and 'Recharge the spirit' - anything is possible, with a successfully shared living arrangement.


You have been instrumental in bringing our brand to life and creating an exciting tidal wave for the concept of homesharing.

HSA_Brand_StyleGuide_Mockup copy.jpg

The Takeaway

With HomeShare Alliance's brand strategy in place, each touchpoint rolls out with purpose and consistency. HomeShare Alliance's perception in the marketplace is now aligned with their mission of re-defining the culture of the single living community. 


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