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Free2Be Wellness

Full Brand Launch Showcase

Free2Be Wellness Inc. is an exclusive health studio that offers a personalized wellness journey. They facilitate the rediscovery and balance of mind, body and soul by helping clients regain the freedom to be their true, authentic selves in a community dedicated to acceptance. Through fitness, nutrition, rejuvenation and connection, Free2Be Wellness is a place where you can effectively reset, restore and reignite your internal power.

The Challenge

  • Develop a multi-layered strategy, interwoven with symbolism in order to connect with its audience on a deeper level

  • Keep the design versatile and functional

  • Tailor the appeal to garner support and build a fierce tribe to foster a like-minded community of engaged individuals

The Strategy

When Free2Be Wellness Inc., reached out to us about their multidisciplinary wellness centre, we were immediately captivated by the brand's fierce energy. Words like calm, strong, confident and of course, free, communicated the core truths of Free2Be's combination of fitness and rejuvenation practices.

We developed the Find Your Power strategy which facilitates the rediscovery and balance of personal inner and exterior strength and health by achieving total well-being for the brand’s target market of women, caregivers and youth, who yearn to build confidence, regain the freedom to be their true, authentic selves and seek acceptance in a judgement-free safe space. 


The brand goal was to create a space where social connectedness, exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness are nurtured and explored to start a journey to good health. The number ‘2’ in the brand name symbolizes the merriment of both physical fitness with spa-like rehabilitation sessions to achieve total well-being. 

In this largely untapped niche market, we developed tailored language such as; Find Your Power with the use of adjectives; Reset, Restore and Reignite, to educate and illustrate the Free2Be brand ethos. These words evolved into taglines, such as Reset Your Mind, Restore Your Body, and Reignite Your Soul. This trinity of transformative narratives became mini-mission statements to further develop the identity of the brand’s life-changing goal. 

Moodboard_Rendering_F2B_Template copy.jpg

The Result

The identity design represents Free2Be Wellness’ trustworthiness and order, through the idea that one’s wellness journey is a series of building blocks that is unique in nature. The overall palette denotes a reset, restore and reignite vibe with an underlying boost of fierce energy, encouraging strength and confidence, all central to the brand’s motivations. 


In the primary logo, the idea of strength and balance is illustrated by the stacking of 2BE. The 2BE is in orange to denote a bold, optimistic and confident brand that inspires warm, comforting feelings while supporting change. The rounded edges of the primary typeface represent a dedication to betterment, rather than perfection, and the unity with mindfulness that has spearheads the Free2Be ethos. The inclusion of the flowing handwritten script gives a sense of the personal relationship between the brand and its audience, evoking feelings of authenticity. The variety of stacking combinations of the Free2Be letters seen throughout the design further depict the distinctive journey of each individual. 

Free2Be_Water-Bottle-Mockup_1_R1 copy.jpg

Oh my goodness…each time you present something, I am reminded of how grateful I am to be working with The Brand Brew!

F2B_Website_Animation_Mockup_Story copy.jpg

The Takeaway

With Free2Be Wellness' brand strategy in place, each touchpoint rolls out with purpose and consistency. Free2Be Wellness launched with a strong and confident foundation in the marketplace. 


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